New Teacher Grants

Next Grant Cycle

The SAISD Foundation believes in the power our teachers have to make a significant impact on each child they teach. We know that creating the best environment for SAISD students to learn is important to you and leads to greater student success. Accordingly, as a new teacher to SAISD (you don’t have to be a 1st year teacher, just a teacher new to SAISD), you have the opportunity to apply for a New Teacher Supply Grant. Applications may be downloaded here and must be time stamped and put in pony by September 22, 2020.

Please note, we want you to be in your classroom/school to see what you need, so applications will not be accepted prior to 9/8. We will award your Amazon gift card upon your virtual attendance at one of our New Teacher grant open house events on either 9/29 at 7pm or 9/30 at 4pm. Welcome to San Antonio ISD!

Since Fall 2007, the SAISD Foundation has awarded more than 1,300 new teacher grants to educators in SAISD, including 140 grants in 2019. Teachers request funds to support their classrooms including books for their libraries, manipulatives, science lab supplies, musical instruments, reading space pillows/rugs, wall decor, and basic classroom supplies.