Legacy Gifts


We are happy to visit with you about opportunities to create a legacy gift to make a difference for students in SAISD. We can work with you to establish an endowment or we can refer you to one of our planned giving experts to choose the legacy gift that is right for you. Additionally, we can share opportunities to name The SAISD Foundation as a beneficiary of an existing account.

Already naming the SAISD Foundation as a beneficiary or partial beneficiary of an annuity, 401 B, 401 K, Roth IRA, IRA, TRS or life insurance policy? Make sure you use our legal name:  San Antonio Foundation for Excellence in Education, Inc. and Tax ID number 74-2861587 on your paperwork. Are you a TRS member, look for additional information below.

Leaving a Lasting Legacy

The Dever Legacy Society was created to honor all persons who choose to make a legacy gift by naming the SAISD Foundation in their will or as a beneficiary of a savings account, IRA, TRS account, pension account, or any other form of planned gift. The Legacy Society is named for the first legacy gift made to the SAISD Foundation in 2011 by long time SAISD Administrator Douglas J. Dever to benefit Crockett Elementary School.  A legacy gift is designed, as Mr. Dever’s was, to provide an annual gift to the school or program in the name of the beneficiary. Many legacy gifts are designed to be gifts in perpetuity which means the annual contribution to the school or program is made off of the interest of the original gift. With gifts distributed in this way, the gift lasts forever.

If you are considering a legacy gift, please contact Judy Geelhoed at (210) 554-2235 or by email at jgeelhoed@saisdfoundation.com to discuss this unique opportunity.  Legacy gifts can be made to benefit all students or students in a particular school or program. Gifts for scholarships are also possible.

Are you an SAISD Employee considering making the SAISD Foundation a beneficiary of your TRS or whole life insurance? In doing so, you are also considered you a part of the Dever Legacy Society.   Looking for the paperwork?  Click here to download the TRS Form 15 DESIGNATION OF BENEFICIARY.  Please use San Antonio Foundation for Excellence in Education, Inc. as the name, 74-2861587 (in the space for SS #), and 141 Lavaca, San Antonio, Texas 78210 as the address.  As noted on the form and as is TRS policy, all beneficiaries listed must be equal beneficiaries.  We are happy to visit and walk you through the process, or SAISD HR Benefits staff can help you as well.

Thank you for considering a legacy gift to the SAISD Foundation.


The Estate of Douglas J. Dever

Douglas J. Dever was born in San Antonio, Texas, on May 3, 1942, to Douglas and Elsie Dever. A product of SAISD, Dever graduated from Brackenridge High School. He received his BBA from St. Mary’s University, and an M.Ed. from Southwest Texas State University. Mr. Dever was a former teacher and administrator at Crockett Elementary School. His generous gift established in 2011 supports students at Crockett Elementary with a gift to the school each year.

Carol Lee Jones Educational & Cultural Fund, San Antonio Area Foundation

Ms. Jones was an alumnus of Brackenridge High School.  Her perpetual gift (any annual gift that will last forever) benefits students at Brackenridge High School each year by helping students to stay in school through the credit recovery program and student programming.

The Lanier Endowment

Former Senator and Educator Dr. Joe Bernal has dedicated his career and life to supporting students and education.  An alumnus of Lanier High School, Joe worked along side a team to raise funds to support an Endowment for Lanier High School which now produce a perpetual annual gift (a forever gift) to the school to benefit students.  A team of Alumni are now working to grow the endowment and welcome Lanier alumni and friends to be a part of this lasting legacy. Click here to make your contribution today and indicate Lanier Endowment in a note line of an online gift, or the memo line of a mailed check.