Looking to Support College Bound SAISD Students?

There are MANY opportunities to support SAISD’s growing number of College Bound students (52% for the Class of 2019).

Donate to the College Emergency Gap/Access Fund to transport students  from college acceptance to college graduation.  Funds are used to support economically challenged students’ down payments for on-campus housing, required medical insurance, books, orientation fees before their aid/scholarship package kicks in, and all the small things that can prevent a student from walking in to the first day of college classes. The average Emergency Gap/Access Fund award for 2019 was $277. It is that easy to make a BIG difference. Donate here. Note Emergency Gap in the comments.

Are you a frequent flyer? Add your name to a list we can call to help book student flights to school or home for holidays on your airline miles.  More and more of our students are receiving top scholarship packages to top schools out-of-state, but flights can be a huge barrier for them. Call or email us at

Donate to an existing scholarship or to the SAISD Foundation Scholarship Fund. Donate here.

Create a new named scholarship or an endowed scholarship. Click here.

Scholarships for the Class of 2020

Scholarship applications for SAISD students of the Class of 2020 opened January 2, 2020 and are now closed. Unless otherwise noted, all scholarships utilize the standard SAISD Foundation application linked here.  Scholarship awards will be announced virtually in May 2020. Wishing all of our SAISD College Bound Seniors, the best!

Are you a student who needs to process a scholarship award?

Download your check request form here.  We welcome photos of you on your campus or in your program that we can share.  Questions? Email


Annually, the SAISD Foundation supports more than 150 students scholarships to pursue higher education and Emergency Gap Funding awards to reduce our students’ barriers stepping on the campus for their first semester. The SAISD Foundation accepts donations, planned gifts and bequests from alumni, businesses, and community donors to support the dreams and aspirations of SAISD students pursuing all forms of post secondary education. The scholarships and gap funding managed by the SAISD Foundation are done so in partnership with the College and Career Readiness Team for the District and the Lead Counselors and College Bound Advisors at SAISD’s 14 high schools. Active Scholarships are listed below. Interested in starting a scholarship?  Click here for more information or contact us.  If you are a scholarship recipient, contact us and tell us your story or tag us in social media @SAISDFoundation so we can share your successes.

Cliff Martinez Memorial Scholarship

The Cliff Martinez Memorial Scholarship has been established to support SAISD students in Police Explorer programs (in a SAISD High School) with plans to pursue a career as a police officer. This scholarship serves as a tribute to the work and life of SAISD Police Officer Cliff Martinez who served with the SAISD Police Department for 28 years. Cliff was also a proud SAISD graduate of Highlands High School. To contribute to this scholarship fund, click here and note Cliff Martinez Scholarship in the comments box. Donations can also be mailed to SAISD Foundation, 2411 San Pedro, San Antonio 78212.

Student Eligibility: Active in a Police Explorers Program at an SAISD high school, interest in law enforcement, 2.5 GPA, commitment to family and community.

Evelyn Akin Memorial Scholarship

This $1,200 scholarship, which is renewable for a second year, is awarded annually to the Valedictorian of Jefferson High School. This scholarship was established in memory of Mrs. Akin, who was the Valedictorian of Thomas Jefferson High School’s graduating class of 1942. This scholarship was created through the generosity of Mrs. Akin’s children and those inspired by her story.

Student Eligibility: Valedictorian of Thomas Jefferson. Application must still be submitted to be awarded.

Julian Castro Future Leaders Scholarship

This $1,200 scholarship, which is renewable for a second year, is awarded annually to honor former Mayor Castro and recognize his dedicated service to San Antonio by Centro San Antonio. As a City Councilman, Mayor and Cabinet Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Julian Castro advocated for the best interests of San Antonio, continuing a legacy of family service that was started by his mother, Rosie Castro, and carried on by him and his twin brother, Joaquin.

Graduating from Jefferson, Castro went on to attend Stanford, where he majored in political science and communications. After he graduated from Stanford, he attended Harvard Law School. Upon completion of his Juris Doctor, he began working for a law firm in Washington D.C. before returning to San Antonio. In 2001, Castro was elected to San Antonio’s City Council and in 2005 ran for mayor, unsuccessfully, against Phil Harberger. He did not give up on his dream, and was elected Mayor in 2009. In 2014, Julian Castro accepted a nomination from President Barack Obama to serve as the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. After the Obama administration left office, he returned to San Antonio, where he continues to advocate for the betterment of the City and in 2020 made a run for President of the United States.

Student Eligibility: 3.5 GPA; graduating senior at Fox Tech; plans to attend a college or university in San Antonio or Texas; application with the following essay questions: How do you plan to utilize your college education to make a positive impact on and give back to the San Antonio community? How would this carry on Mayor Castro’s legacy?

Joan Fischer Comer Memorial Scholarship

The Joan Fischer Comer Memorial $2,500 scholarship is awarded to a female athlete who is graduating from Jefferson High School, and is planning to pursue a degree at a local college or university. In addition, this scholarship is renewable for a second year. Joan was a track star at Jefferson, who loved distance running and the hurdles. Civic minded, she and her older sister volunteered their time at the local USO Center. In Joan’s senior year, she finished high school midyear and was allowed to graduate in December. This scholarship was established by Robert and Judy Comer to provide an educational opportunity to an outstanding young woman athlete, in memory of Joan Fischer Comer.

Student Eligibility: graduating Jefferson female athlete; 2.0 or higher GPA; currently participating in school athletics; demonstrated financial need. Please note, student does not need to continue to play sports while in college, and a lower amount may be awarded for students enrolled in a two-year college.

Burbank Hispanic Foundation Scholarship

This $1,500 scholarship was created in 2013 through the generosity of Grace and Richard Leal – alumni from Burbank High School  – to assist Burbank High School graduates of Hispanic descent with tuition, books, and college-related expenses in his or her first year of college.  This work continues each year thanks to the support of alumni from the Class of 1976 and 1977. Thank you for supporting students from your alma mater!

Student Eligibility: 2.5 GPA; graduating senior at Burbank; of Hispanic decent; demonstrated financial need.

Colonel Marjorie Ann Ferrandino Scholarship

This $1,000 scholarship was established in memory of Colonel Marjorie Ann Ferrandino, a former member of the Gardening Volunteers of South Texas. This scholarship is focused on helping fund the education of a female student from an SAISD school pursuing a career in the agriculture field, preferably water conservation.

Student Eligibility: 2.6 GPA; female; enrolling in a 4-year college university in field of agriculture; preference given to women studying water conservation.

Robert “Bobby” Deckard Jr. Memorial Scholarship

This $1,000 scholarship, has been created to honor Robert “Bobby” Deckard Jr. and share his spirit with students graduating from Highlands High School who are pursuing a college degree and were involved in some of high school activities Bobby enjoyed; FFA, Football or National Honor Society. Bobby loved his high school years, was active in sports, excelled academically, and participated regularly in community service. Officer Deckard also dedicated his life to serving and protecting the City of San Antonio as an Officer of the San Antonio Police Department. His classmates from Highlands HS Class of 2000 and his family and friends created this scholarship as a tribute to his life and work.

Student Eligibility: 3.0 GPA; active in Police Explorers,  FFA, Football or NHS; graduating senior at Highlands; a minimum of twenty hours of community service; and pursuing an Associates or Bachelors degree and include two letters of recommendation.

DMC Memorial Basketball Scholarship

This $1,000 scholarship, renewable for a second year, is awarded to a graduating senior at Jefferson High School in memory of David L. McCoy, Jefferson Class of ’76.  While at Jefferson, David was an outstanding basketball player and track runner. He also served as a Senior Class Officer, and in that role, was active in planning class reunions and gatherings. Through the years, he was a strong supporter of youth athletics.

Student Eligibility: a graduating senior who played basketball for Jefferson; plans to attend a two-year or four-year college or university; preference given to students planning to play basketball in college, but not required.

Joe A. Gamez Scholarship

This $2,500 scholarship, renewable for a second year, was established in the name of Joe A. Gamez, for a graduating senior from Lanier High School planning on attending a four-year university, interested in law school, and/or one day aspires to hold public office. Joe A. Gamez is a native San Antonian, a graduate of Lanier High School, a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin and received his Doctor of Jurisprudence from St. Mary’s School of Law. He has served the San Antonio community for over 40 years as a practicing attorney and is the founder of the Joe A. Gamez Law Firm in San Antonio.

Mr. Gamez is also a former Brooks County Attorney and served as a member of the Texas Legislature in the House of Representatives. Mr. Gamez currently serves on various boards within the legal community. St. Mary’s School of Law has recognized Mr. Gamez by establishing the Joe A. Gamez Scholarship to benefit a Hispanic Law Student, which is renewable, allowing said student to have a fully funded scholarship throughout his or her tenure at St. Mary’s School of Law.

Student Eligibility: 3.0 GPA; graduating senior at Lanier High School; plans to attend a 4-year college or university; plans to pursue a career in Law and/or aspires to hold public office.

Francis G. Greiner, MD Memorial Scholarship

This $2,500 scholarship, renewable for a second year, is awarded annually to a student from an SAISD High School interested in pursuing a career in education, health care or medicine. This scholarship was created in Dr. Greiner’s memory by his mother, Dolores Greiner.

Student Eligibility: plans to attend a 2-year or 4-year college, university, or trade school; plans to pursue a career in Health Care, Medicine or Education; highly motivated with a strong desire to succeed; 3.0 GPA or higher.

Kelly Hawkins Memorial Scholarship

This $1,000 scholarship is supported by the Kelly Hawkins Memorial Fund created by friends and family of Kelly Hawkins. Kelly was the Dance Instructor for YWLA San Antonio and cared deeply for her students. This scholarship is designed to honor her work and passion by supporting graduating seniors from YWLA who were enrolled in a dance class during their time at YWLA with the next step of their educational journey.

Student Eligibility: YWLA graduating senior pursing a college degree; active in a dance class while attending YWLA; application available at YWLA and due March 1st.

Lanier Alumni Business Scholarship

This $2,500 scholarship, renewable for a second year, was created out of the generosity of a dedicated Lanier alumnus who wants to give back to students at Lanier who are pursuing careers in business, accounting or banking. This scholarship will be awarded to two graduating seniors at Lanier High School who are attending four-year colleges or universities in San Antonio.

Student Eligibility:  2.75 GPA, demonstrated work ethic; financial need; plans to attend a local college and pursue a degree in business, accounting or banking.

Manny E. Ruiz Jefferson Alumni Scholarship

This $1,000 scholarship, renewable for a second year at $500, is awarded to a graduating senior at Jefferson High School, who plans to pursue a career in business and has a history of community service and civic engagement.  The funds for this scholarship were generously donated by Thomas Jefferson alumnus Manny E. Ruiz.

Student Eligibility:  3.0 GPA; sincere interest in pursuing a career in business; plans to enroll in a four-year college or university in Texas and pursue a degree in business.

SAISD Foundation Scholarship

This $1,000 scholarship, renewable for a second year, is awarded to a graduating senior in SAISD, who is active in their high schools in co-curricular activities and plans to be an active SAISD alumni.  Student should demonstrate a desire to make a significant impact on San Antonio and the SAISD community through future work. The funds for this scholarship were generously donated by the SAISD Foundation Board and donors.

Student Eligibility:  2.75 GPA; graduating seniors of any SAISD High School who wants to make a significant impact on the San Antonio and SAISD community through future work; plans to enroll in an accredited college or university.

San Antonio Women’s Hall of Fame YWLA Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to graduating seniors from the Young Women’s Leadership Academy to support their higher education at a four-year college or university. Awardees may apply for subsequent years of funding. The program was created out of the generosity of the members of the SAWHOF who continue to support these scholarships on an annual basis. SAWHOF recognizes and honors outstanding women from the community for their service and contributions.

Student Eligibility: graduating senior or alumnus from YWLA pursuing higher education; demonstrated leadership; and a desire to give back.  Please visit with one of the College Bound Advisors at YWLA for the application.

St. Philip’s Early College High School Alumni Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to graduating seniors from St. Philip’s ECHS to support their post-secondary education at a four-year or two-year college. The program was created through the generosity of teachers and former teachers at St. Philip’s ECHS. This $500 scholarship award is given to the student to assist with college related expenses.

Student Eligibility:  graduating senior at St. Philip’s Early College High School who has completed a certificate program or an Associate’s degree from St. Philip’s College as a St. Philip’s ECHS student; minimum GPA 3.0; demonstrated financial need; plans to attend a two-year or four-year local accredited college or university; good citizenship and community involvement.

Louis S. Tamez Memorial Scholarship

This $2,500 scholarship is given by the family of Louis S. Tamez, a native San Antonian and SAISD graduate. Lou was born to parents who were migrant farm workers and began working in the fields at age seven. His mother instilled in him the value of an education to escape the life of poverty and at the age of 17, he joined what was then the Army Air Corps. He was one of ten men selected to go to school at the U.S. Coast and Geodedic Survey (the precursor to the NOAA), where he learned cartography, topography and aerial photography. He eventually trained as a navigator and retired from the Air Force as a Captain. Lou passed on his work ethic as well as his mother’s belief in the power of a good education. He was a kind and generous person who delighted in helping people, so it is a fitting tribute to his legacy that he will continue to help others through this STEM Scholarship.

Student eligibility: 3.0 GPA; pursuing a degree in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics) field at a 4-year college/university; preference will be given to, but not restricted to, first-generation college students; preference will be given to, but not restricted to, female applicants.

Michael J. Tamez Memorial Scholarship

This $2,500 scholarship was established in honor of Michael Tamez, who suffered from depression and passed from this life to soon. Michael was a young man with a bright and beautiful heart who was loved by all who knew him. This scholarship seeks to support and encourage individuals who wish to help others overcome mental illnesses and remove the stigma associated with these disorders.

Student eligibility: 3.0 GPA; graduating seniors from Fox Tech High School who are pursuing a degree in a mental-health field (Psychiatry, Psychology, Counseling, etc.) at a 4-year college/university; preference will be given to, but not restricted to, first-generation college students.


The parents and students of the PTSA of YWLA have created this $1,000 scholarship to be awarded annually to two graduating seniors from Young Women’s Leadership Academy.

Student Eligibility:  graduating senior from YWLA pursuing higher education; demonstrated citizenship and leadership. Please fill out the YWLA PTSA Application and submit to the YWLA PTSA.

Edward Zuniga Memorial Scholarship

This $1,000 scholarship was created in memory of Brackenridge High School alumnus Edward Zuniga. Edward was a local firefighter with a passion for chemical engineering.  The scholarship was started in 2014 by his wife and his children and will be awarded annually to one graduating Senior at Brackenridge High School, or from the Brackenridge school boundary zone graduating from an SAISD in-district charter high school, who is pursuing a degree in Chemical Engineering, Chemistry or another field of Engineering. Preference is given to students pursuing Chemical Engineering.

Student Eligibility: graduating Senior at Brackenridge or from an SAISD in-district charter high school but from the Brackenridge boundary zone; 3.5 GPA; plans to pursue a career in Engineering, Chemical Engineering or Chemistry.