Establish a Scholarship

After reading the essay (from our scholarship applicant) I am in tears and in awe of this bright young man! Last year when we first thought of this idea of a scholarship, I thought Richard and I would be helping someone. What I failed to realize is the gift that I am receiving is immeasurable, it’s immense.

Sincerely, Grace Leal

Burbank Hispanic Scholarship Donor


Each year, the SAISD Foundation supports more than 150 student scholarships and emergency gap funding awards to support postsecondary education for our students graduating from SAISD schools. The SAISD Foundation accepts funds from alumni, businesses, and community donors to support the dreams of SAISD students by providing funding to support these scholarships and awards. If you are interested in creating a scholarship please don’t hesitate to contact us and read more below. Also, if you are a student who has benefited from a scholarship, we want to hear your story.


We accept one-time, multi-year, and endowed scholarships to support students in their postsecondary education. Scholarships are designed to meet both donor intent and the needs of our students. Scholarships can be district-wide, multi-high school, or focused on students graduating from a specific high school or program in SAISD.  Scholarships may be in someone’s memory, designed to honor someone, or can commemorate an alumni class reunion or special event.  Interested? We would like to visit on how you can make a difference in the lives of our students for years to come.  Already know you want to get started?  Visit the section below.  Visit the Scholarships page to view scholarships managed fiscally by the SAISD Foundation.


Ready to design your scholarship to benefit students graduating from one or more SAISD high schools? Download a Scholarship Agreement Form. Using the Scholarship Agreement Form, you can design how the student/students will be selected and awarded, the purpose of the scholarship and any specific criteria you would like to have for the award (area of study, type of student involvement, personal characteristics, type of institution the student will be attending, financial need, etc.).  You can create a specific scholarship application for students to fill out, or you can use the SAISD Foundation Scholarship Application.  You can select the recipients from a pool of applications we screen for you, or you can ask a scholarship committee from the District, School, or SAISD Foundation to select the recipients for you.  It is all up to you, just let us know how involved in the process you would like to be. We can also assist with fundraising for the scholarship by allowing online donations the Donate button above for the scholarship you have created. We are also happy to visit with you and complete the paperwork together.  We can be reached at (210) 554-2235 or contact Judy Geelhoed, Executive Director at

By setting up a scholarship through the SAISD Foundation, the Foundation will process student awards and follow up with students on your behalf.  Read more about the support we offer in managing your scholarship. We work closely with the SAISD Office of Post-Secondary Initiatives, their college bound and financial aid advisors, as well as high school counselors and alumni advisors on all scholarships offered through the Foundation. Thank you for considering starting a scholarship to help students in SAISD achieve their dreams!