Innovative Grants

Next Grant Cycle

The 2021-2022 Innovative Grant process will open January 1, 2021 and closes March 31, 2021.

**must be submitted through the pony to the SAISD Foundation by March 31, 2021.

Download Application Here! 

Attendance of the Project Leader at an Innovative Grant workshop is required to apply.  No Exceptions.

Virtual Innovative Grant Workshop Dates:

Wednesday, 1/27/21 – 5:00-6:00 pm

EPIC Saturday, 2/20/21 – 9:00 – 11:00 am

Tuesday, 3/2/21 – 6:00-7:00 pm

RSVP your workshop attendance request to Jennifer Twiss and a Zoom link will be sent to those who have emailed their reservation. Questions? Email Jennifer at


Please note: All applicants must have submitted all past due grant evaluations to be considered for awarding. (This includes sending digital photos and thank you cards.)  Evaluations, including photos, are now submitted electronically.

Click here for a Mini-Grant Evaluation and click here for an Innovative Grant Evaluation.

We expect Innovative Grants to have a lasting impact on your classroom and school. Accordingly, to evaluate your Innovative Grant projects, your project must have been in place for a full semester (two 9 week periods). Therefore, Project Leaders who were awarded an Innovative Grant the previous school year are not eligible to apply.

Below are links to sites you may need when completing your application.

For Software Approval:

  1. View this list of approved software first:
  2. If the software/app isn’t there, please fill out this request (give yourself 2-3 weeks for approval).
  3. Email your grant application to Sylvia Orta for signature approval:


For Technology Approval:  

For SAISD current quotes for technology purchases, click here.

When your proposal is ready for a signature from Technology, scan your full proposal to  If you have not received a response by the application deadline, note that your application has been emailed to the above address and the date emailed on the signature line. If you need to talk to someone in Technology, call the department and ask for the Acquisitions Division Team.

For Grants Involving Changes to Facilities or Grounds:

Administrative Procedures C19 must be followed and an associated completed C19-A form is required as an attachment to all grant requests requiring the modification of a facility or grounds. The cost estimate must be included in your proposal in the budget.  To learn more about the process, click here. This must be “in process” by the grant deadline.

The SAISD Foundation is committed to funding opportunities for employees of SAISD to implement innovative ideas to increase student success. Over the past ten years, tens of thousands of students have benefited directly from the implementation of Innovative Grants across our schools and many successful grants have been replicated in other schools. Results from these grants have included increased grades, test scores, attendance, parental involvement, and student engagement. Check out the magic when we are able to deliver grants in person in our school.  If you are you an educator looking for ideas, click here for a listing of past Innovative Grant winners to spark your creativity on ways to meet student needs.

See below for some great information about the impact of receiving an Innovative Grant from grant winners and how community support can increase the impact through volunteerism from the surrounding community of where the campus is located! For this and other stories from our Facebook Live series, follow us at