Innovative Grants

Next Grant Cycle

The 2018-2019 Innovative Grant are now being delivered! We hope to be visiting your campus soon!

Planning fore next year? Don’t forget, all  lead applicants are required to attend one of the Innovative Grant workshops that will be offered in December, January and February.  All those thinking about applying are welcome to attend.

All applicants must also have submitted all past due grant evaluations in order to be awarded. (This includes sending digital photos and thank you cards.)  Need an evaluation? Click here!

The SAISD Foundation is committed to funding opportunities for employees of SAISD to implement innovative ideas to increase student success. Over the past ten years, tens of thousands of students have benefited directly from the implementation of Innovative Grants across our schools and many successful grants have been replicated in other schools through this process. Results from these grants have included increased grades, test scores, attendance, parental involvement, and student engagement.  Please click here for a listing of past grant winners.  See our STEM, Fine Arts and Enrichment pages for featured grants and to ignite your innovation.


Below are links to sites you may need when completing your application.

A C19 form is required as an attachment to all grant requests requiring the modification to a facility or room or support from plant services for the project. The costs estimates must be included in your proposal in the budget. Click here to download.  Send the form to Plant Services via the Pony and Plant Services will contact you to visit. This must be in process by the grant deadline.

For SAISD current quotes for technology purchases, click here.