Next Grant Cycle

Traditionally, the SAISD Foundation has awarded 150 Mini-Grants to educators across the district. In 2021-2022 our move to funding mini-grants by contributing to the DonorsChoose projects our SAISD teachers had submitted afforded us the opportunity leverage additional donors and  fund 200+ mini-grants. 

For 2022-23, we are prepared to fund even more of your projects throughout the fall semester.  Each week we receive a list of all the current SAISD teacher projects in DonorsChoose and we will select as many projects as we can to invest in up to $500 each! (see restrictions below)

If you are not familiar with DonorsChoose, get started by clicking below.  Here is a reference sheet with additional information.

All items will be shipped directly to the school by DonorsChoose upon funding. A few things to remember regarding our funding:

*We plan to invest in a teacher only once in the school year. (Of course you can post as many projects for general support as you like).

*We will work to reach as many of our campuses as possible.

*Food, clothing & hygiene items will not be funded as a part of our mini-grant support.

If you have received a grant from us in the past, remember, evaluations should be submitted after implementing the grant for 30 days. To submit your evaluation click here

We are continually amazed at what our educators can do with an investment of $500 in their program or classroom.  The ideas presented in the Mini-Grant projects are often some of our most creative including using rocketry to teach math, elementary cheerleading squads, aquaponics, markerspaces, campus news stations, photography clubs, elementary ballet folklorico, Esports at the high school level, coding clubs, reading clubs, garden clubs and so much more.  Please click here for a listing of all past Mini-Grants awarded over the past few years and to ignite your imagination as you think about what you would like to do to increase student success. Since fall 2013, we have awarded more than 1,300 Mini-Grants to educators in SAISD to increase students experiences and student success.

Regarding Field Trips:

We provide district transportation for field trips only. You may make field trip requests directly with the SAISD Foundation at any time. Please do not request them through the Mini-Grant process or on DonorsChoose.

Below, click on the video to hear from students and teachers. Photos of grant award days and students putting grants to use follow.