Next Grant Cycle

All mini-grant awards have been made for this year. We are proud to announce that for the 2017-2018 school year, we awarded 173 grants impacting 31,778 students.

3/30/2018 was the deadline to spend your awards. 

 If you missed out on this year’s Mini-Grants, it will be available again in September with a late October deadline. 

We are continually amazed at what our educators can do with an investment of $500 in their program or classroom.  The ideas presented in the Mini-Grant applications are often some of our most creative, including drones to teach math, a geocaching club, and the sew to read project.  Please click here for a listing of all past Mini-Grants awarded and to ignite your innovation as you think about what you would like to do to increase student success and how we can help.  Since fall 2013, we have awarded more than 475 Mini-Grants to educators in SAISD.