Board of Directors Highlight Series – Connie Gonzalez

Board of Directors Highlight Series – Connie Gonzalez

Connie Gonzalez

Director of Strategy & Community Relations



What is your favorite book?

There are two books that stand out the most – the Rainbow Fish was one of my original favorites. Still to this day, I love the message it carries about the value of kindness, sharing, and accepting others despite their differences.  Oh – and of course the beautiful art and glitter made reading fun!


I was also hooked on Louis Sachar’s Wayside Schoolseries. The off-the-wall storylines and creative storylines made for an entertaining escape from my normal school life. I also felt super smart being able to quickly read a whole chapter book!


Who was your favorite teacher?

My third grade teacher Ms. Martin will forever be one of my favorite teachers. She was always super engaging and really made learning fun, which made me excited to come to school every day. I can still hear her doing the different character voices in my head as she read The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe to the class. As a career teacher’s pet, I was thrilled when she gave me some of her old teaching supplies at the end of the year so I could play teacher at home. She really made me believe in my potential to be anything I wanted to be. Her impact is so great that you can ask any of my family members this question and they will know the answer.


What is your proudest accomplishment?

My proudest accomplishment to date is establishing myself in a role that allows me to have a voice and an impact on the future of our community and our city. Through my job at Brooks I’m helping to create opportunities for our community – whether it be through special events, the creation of new jobs and housing opportunities, or just the addition of new shops and restaurants to the area. I’ve also been able to grow into opportunities outside my regular 9-5 role to have a greater impact on our community, including serving as the co-chair of the City of San Antonio Planning Commission, being part of the Leadership San Antonio steering committee and serving on boards like this one.


What is your favorite thing about your career?

The people. My job as the Director of Strategy and Community Relations for Brooks allows me to meet so many amazing individuals of all ages, backgrounds and career paths, and it’s incredibly rewarding to witness how amazing people are – and how invested they are in making our community better. Working at Brooks we know it’s bigger than us – we’re not just redeveloping a former Air Force Base – we are building up our community and region. We are working to create economic mobility, improve quality of life and create opportunities for the people living in some of San Antonio’s lowest-income areas.


Why is education in SAISD important to you?

Education is key to changing the narrative and positively impacting the lives of our students and their families. I owe all my accomplishments to my education and the many people who cared about my future enough to dedicate their time and energy to making sure I received a well-rounded, quality education. SAISD students are gifted. SAISD teachers are devoted. Our future prosperity at a city depends on our ability to build a competitive workforce and offer opportunities for economic mobility for everyone. Being able to support and promote the students and teachers in our city’s core will make for a better San Antonio today and in the future. Others helped me get to where I am today, now it is my turn.