Gifts in Memory

Honoring the Memory of Alumni, Educators, Friends & Family

Gifts can be made in memory of an alumnus, a teacher, an administrator, an SAISD employee, an education advocate or any person who would want their memory connected to supporting the education of SAISD students. Making a difference for a child with a gift in memory is a wonderful way to pay tribute to an individual who has made a difference in your life. When a gift is made, the individual’s name is recognized on our website indefinitely as a lasting tribute. To make a gift in memory, please download this form or donate online by clicking on the Donate button above and be sure to specify for whom your gift is being made on the line provided.  For gifts made by submitting the form and mailing a check, a certificate will be mailed to our family contact (or those listed). For gifts made online, an email will be sent to the family contact with name and email addresses of the donors.  Although we do acknowledge donors who make gifts in memory on that page of our website, we do not share donation amounts publicly or with the family unless instructed to do so by the donor.

For those desiring to start a scholarship or program in the name of a loved one, please click on the link or contact us at or (210) 554-2235 for more information. There are many ways to create a lasting legacy and benefit students in SAISD and we are honored to assist you in doing so.

Gifts In Memory

In Memory of Noah Makaio Mungia, student Jefferson High School

In Memory of Tom C. Frost, Jr., friend of SAISD, Inspire Honoree

In Memory of Edith McAllister, SAISD Alumnus and Inspire Honoree

In Memory of Coy Wasta West, longtime SAISD Teacher

In Memory of Janet Smith Haulfer, longtime SAISD teacher

In Memory of Forrest Venable Fitzhugh, alumnus Jefferson HS

In Memory of Josephine Arredondo Holden, alumnus Highlands HS

In Memory of George Casseb, alumnus Jefferson HS

In Memory of Frida Trevino, alumnus Jefferson HS

In Memory of Francis G. Greiner, friend of SAISD

In Memory of Mike Manuppelli, alumnus Jefferson HS

In Memory of Callie Elizabeth Boone Day, Brackenridge HS teacher

In Memory of Cristina Marie Solis, SAISD employee, Office of Academics

In Memory of Patsy Yantis, alumnus Jefferson HS

In Memory of Gloria Staewen, alumnus Fox Tech HS

In Memory of Tino Duran, alumnus Lanier HS

In Memory of David Lee McCoy, alumnus Jefferson HS

In Memory of Robert Albright, Director Fine Arts SAISD, husband of Shari Albright, SAISD Foundation Board

In Memory of Alice S. Balderrama, alumnus Lanier HS

In Memory of Bernard “Barney” Bernal, alumnus Jefferson HS

In Memory of Dr. Lucille Cecile Lopez Santos, former educator and administrator in SAISD

In Memory of Susane “Suzy” Josephson Finesilver, alumnus Jefferson HS

In Memory of Xavier Naranjo, student in SAISD

In Memory of Debbie Ebbecke, wife of Frank Ebbecke, SAISD Employee

In Memory of John Burleson, alumnus Brackenridge HS

In Memory of Bill Baker, father of Carri Baker, SAISD Foundation Past Chairman

In Memory of Regina Garcia-Perales, teacher at Highland Hills ES

In Memory of Christopher Grant, brother of Tiffany Grant, SAISD Employee

In Memory of Ian Thomas Owen Brooks, student in SAISD

In Memory of Edward Reyes Zuniga, alumnus Brackenridge HS

In Memory of Barbara A. Beck, alumnus Brackenridge HS and former SAISD Employee

In Memory of William A. Reily Jr., alumnus Jefferson HS

In Memory of Daniel G. San Miguel, alumnus Jefferson HS

In Memory of Chale Gomez, alumnus Lanier HS

In Memory of Margaret Zepeda, alumnus Lanier HS

In Memory of Mike Mitchell, friend of youth at Davis MS and Sam Houston HS

In Memory of Richard Luderus, former teacher at Rogers ES and Whittier MS

In Memory of Betty Ann Janert, former teacher at Jefferson HS and alumnus Brackenridge HS

In Memory of Josefina Arguijo Torres, former educator and mother of Becky Landa, SAISD Employee

In Memory of Christopher McBrayer, former teacher Brackenridge HS


Edith McAllister

Coy Wasta West

Josephine Arredondo Holden

Francis G. Greiner M.D.

David Lee McCoy

Robert Albright

Alice S. Balderrama

Barney Bernal

Dr. Lucille Cecile Lopez Santos

Tom C. Frost, Jr.

Gabe Rivera

Forrest Venable Fitzhugh

George Casseb

Callie Elizabeth Boone Day

Cristina Marie Solis

Gloria Staewen

Patsy Yantis

Margaret Zepeda

Thank You to Our Donors

  • Jaclyn F. Low
  • Kendra Banchy
  • Charles Butt
  • Gail and Marc Raney
  • Leticia Van de Putte
  • Marialyn Barnard
  • Margaret Mireles
  • Dolores Zuniga
  • Donald & Patsy Tweedy
  • Alex & Helene Deperalta
  • Kaye & Thomas Carter
  • Joe Vasquez
  • Alma West
  • Nancy Parten
  • Kay Sanders
  • Barbara Thibodeaux
  • Arthur & Norma Rodriguez
  • Robert & Ellen Gutermuth
  • Samuel & Genevieve Rodriguez
  • Emma Lou Scott
  • Nancy Holcomb
  • Eugene Esquivel
  • Gerald Flores
  • Veronica Salazar
  • Conchita Espinosa
  • Adrian & Adriana Balderama
  • Stephanie Kellmann
  • Leslie Valdez
  • Trinity Leadership Cohort Class of 2014
  • Alaina & Matthew Muehlhausen & Castro
  • Staff of Highland Hills Elementary
  • Parents of Christopher McBrayer
  • SAISD Science Department
  • Family and Friends of Christopher Grant
  • Barrlynn & Lynn West
  • Charles Eskridge
  • Casey Calland
  • Jeanne Russell
  • Margaret Mireles
  • Eugene Esquivel
  • James Perales
  • Emelie Zuniga
  • Mary Esther & Joe Bernal
  • Chris & Alice Tutt
  • Steven & Sharon Koenig
  • Barbara Masterson
  • Nelda Majors
  • Carmelita Johnson
  • Manuel & Gloria Rios
  • Rita Kimball & Janet Carr
  • Russell & Kelly Lane
  • James & Davelyn Robbins
  • Maria Rosales
  • Patsy O’Shea
  • David & Beverly Simmons
  • Marta Benitez
  • Lydia Pacheco
  • Jomyn Go
  • Robert & Elizabeth Chetwood
  • Matthew & Janet Pedrotti
  • Sarah Klar
  • Edward & Nancy Lee Kelley
  • Robert & Lana Potts
  • Denyse and David Rodgers
  • Sharon and Mike Mullen
  • Tanya Huerta
  • Selinda Ritchie
  • Stephen Zuniga
  • Judy & Robert Costigan
  • Laura Aranda
  • Charles & Carolyn Speer
  • Jean Dearman
  • Gayle Pierce
  • June Dossat
  • Kirk & Kendra Graves
  • Pat Adams
  • Louise Mazzuca
  • Daniel & Patricia Mitchell
  • Douglas McCall
  • D R Jensen
  • Christopher Redman
  • John Whitney
  • Patricia Saavedra
  • Kristopher Ponte
  • Lacey & Kevin Munk
  • Peggy Weston
  • Nicole Gutierrez
  • Terry Robertson & Max Willis
  • Judy Geelhoed