Bernal Dever Legacy Society


We are happy to visit with you about opportunities to create a legacy gift to make a lasting impact on students and schools in San Antonio ISD. We can work with you to establish an endowment from today’s assets to support students forever, or we can speak with you about planned giving options to make a legacy gift from future assets. Additionally, by filling out a quick beneficiary designation form or change of beneficiary form online or in paper with the company with whom your policies are held, you can name the SAISD Foundation as a beneficiary or contingent beneficiary of an existing account and become a part of the Bernal Dever Legacy Society today.

Already named the SAISD Foundation as a beneficiary or partial beneficiary of an annuity, 401 B, 401 K, Roth IRA, IRA, TRS or life insurance policy? Make sure you use our legal name: San Antonio Foundation for Excellence in Education, Inc. dba SAISD Foundation and Tax ID number 74-2861587 on your paperwork and download the Bernal Dever Legacy Society Membership Form here and submit so we can recognize you.

Are you a TRS member? Look for additional information below.

Leaving a Lasting Legacy

The Bernal Dever Legacy Society was created to honor all persons who choose to make a legacy gift by initiating an endowment from current assets or naming the SAISD Foundation as a beneficiary or contingent beneficiary of checking, savings or brokerage accounts, Roth or traditional IRAs, TRS accounts, 401 (k) or 403 (b) retirement plans, estates or wills, or any other form of planned gift. The Legacy Society is named for the first planned gift and first endowment received by the SAISD Foundation. The San Antonio Foundation for Excellence in Education dba SAISD Foundation, was named in the will of long-time SAISD administrator Douglas J. Dever to benefit Crockett Elementary School. Although Ms. Dever passed in 2010, his legacy continues with an annual gift to Crockett that we are honored to award each year. The first endowed gift received was made by Joe Bernal esteemed educator, administrator and former State Senator to benefit his alma mater, Lanier High School.  As an endowment, the interest earned on that invested fund each year is awarded to support programs, students and educators at Lanier and will do so in perpetuity.

Many legacy gifts are designed as endowments. Because the impact of these gifts is from the investment interest each year and the principal of the gift is never touched, the gift impacts students and schools in SAISD forever. These gifts can be made from a donors current assets, as a pledge paid over time, or as a part of an estate gift from future assets.

If you are considering a legacy gift, please contact Judy Geelhoed at (210) 554-2235 or by email at to discuss this opportunity. Legacy gifts can be made to benefit all students or students in a particular school or program. Gifts supporting student scholarships or programs are both possible.

Are you an SAISD Employee considering making the SAISD Foundation a beneficiary of your TRS or whole life insurance? In doing so, you are also recognized as a part of the Bernal Dever Legacy Society. Looking for the paperwork? Click here to download TRS beneficiary paperwork or talk to your financial advisor about your intentions and then fill the Bernal Dever Legacy Society Membership form above to let us know. We are happy to visit and walk you through the process, or SAISD HR Benefits staff can assist.

Joining the Bernal Dever Legacy Society is simple and sends important encouragement to others on how to make a lasting impact on students and teachers from your current or future assets. Thank you for considering a legacy gift to the SAISD Foundation.


Joe Bernal, Lanier HS Alumnus

Dorothy and Rudy Davila, Owners Davila Pharmacy

Dolores Greiner, Friend of SAISD Foundation, Former Educator

Armando Lopez, Jr. and Ana Campos de Lopez, Lanier HS Alumnus

Genevieve and Sam Rodriguez, Lanier High School Alumni

Douglas Dever, Former SAISD Employee, Deceased

Carol Lee Jones, Brackenridge HS Alumnus, Deceased

Judy Geelhoed, SAISD Foundation Founding Executive Director

Sally Ryden, Friend of SAISD Foundation, Education Volunteer


Joe Bernal – The Lanier Endowment Fund

The Lanier Endowment was gifted to the SAISD Foundation in 2011. This gift was the result of years of fundraising efforts by Joe Bernal and Friends through an annual golf tournament and other means. The interest on the principal of this fund is used each year to support students at Lanier High School, Joe’s alma mater with needed resources beyond what the school district can provide. Student needs are determined each year by the Campus Leadership Team and approved by the SAISD Foundation with input from identified, active Lanier alumni. Past gifts have included lap tops and college support for top graduating seniors, cheer and athletic uniforms and accessories, travel for students to out of region events, a poet in residence and much more. This endowment is managed by the SAISD Foundation (San Antonio Foundation for Excellence in Education, Inc.). Lanier alumni are currently raising funds to increase this endowment in order to make a larger impact on the students at Lanier each year. You can be a part of it by clicking her to GIVE NOW and indicate Bernal Lanier Endowment in the Notes or mail a check as indicated on the Give Now page. The Bernal Lanier Endowment of the SAISD Foundation can also be named in planned gifts.

Douglas J. Dever

Francis G. Greiner, MD Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund

Dolores Greiner created this endowed scholarship fund to support two annual scholarships for students in SAISD schools who are pursing high education with plans for a future career in health care, STEM or education. These scholarships were set up in memory of her son Francis G. Greiner, MD.  This endowment is managed by the SAISD Foundation (San Antonio Foundation for Excellence in Education, Inc.).


The Estate of Douglas J. Dever

Douglas J. Dever was born in San Antonio, Texas, on May 3, 1942, to Douglas and Elsie Dever. A product of SAISD, Dever graduated from Brackenridge High School. He received his BBA from St. Mary’s University, and an M.Ed. from Southwest Texas State University. Mr. Dever was a former teacher and administrator at Crockett Elementary School. His generous gift established in 2011 supports students at Crockett Elementary with a gift to the school each year. This estate gift is managed by the SAISD Foundation (San Antonio Foundation for Excellence in Education, Inc.).

Carol Lee Jones Educational & Cultural Fund

of the San Antonio Area Foundation (Estate Gift)

Ms. Jones was an alumna of Brackenridge High School. Her perpetual gift (any annual gift that will last forever) benefits students at Brackenridge High School each year by helping students to stay in school through the credit recovery program and student programming aimed at increasing student success. This fund is managed by the San Antonio Area Foundation with the SAISD Foundation as the beneficiary.

Douglas J. Dever