Employee Giving


through the United Way Campaign

Each year during the United Way Combined Schools Campaign, employees in SAISD have the choice to select the SAISD Foundation (Agency 8031) as a nonprofit they want to designate a gift to support. In Fall 2021 over 1,300 employees made this choice – a gift to SAISD Foundation. We are honored by each gift that enables the SAISD Foundation to make investments back into the 90 + schools across SAISD!

A special thanks to the 6 schools that raised more than $1,500: Burbank, Sam Houston, Jefferson, Brackenridge, JT Brackenridge, and Washington.

Additional thanks to these school where 40% or more of their employees made a gift to the SAISD Foundation: Burbank, YWLA, Jefferson, Foster, St Philip’s, Baskin, JT Brackenridge, Kelly, Washington, Huppertz, Collins Garden, Wilson, Nelson, Rogers, Douglass, Lowell, Bonham, and Pershing.



Secondary (High Schools and Middle Schools) Winners: 1st place Burbank ($1,000 grant) and 2nd place Jefferson ($500 grant)

Primary (Early Childhood and Elementary Schools) Winners: 1st place Washington ($1,000 grant)  and 2nd place JT Brackenridge ($500 grant)

Our goal: 40% of SAISD employees will make a gift to the SAISD Foundation.

You can help make that happen!


through SAISD Payroll Deduction

For those employees who missed the opportunity to make a gift this year through the United Way or those who choose to give in another way, there is still time to make a gift!  In partnership with the SAISD Payroll Department, all SAISD employees can make a monthly gift to the SAISD Foundation by filling out and submitting the SAISD Foundation Payroll Deduction linked here. As an employee donor, through either format, you are eligible for our SAISD Employee thank you gifts. The gifts for this year are below.

Notebook (Gifts of $20+ or $5/mo)

T-shirt (Gifts of $100+ or $10/mo)

Bluetooth Speaker (Gifts of $250+ or $25/mo)