Fund A Bright Idea


The SAISD Foundation prides itself on being able to support more than 300 teacher grants each year! This year, we have received a record number (nearly 200) of worthy Mini-Grant requests – beyond the funds we have allocated. We are asking for your assistance to help even more students experience enhanced learning in their classrooms. Below are opportunities for you to partner with us in advancing our kids to the next level. You can support the full Mini-Grant or a portion of the grant. Just click on the FUND NOW button and use the online form to make your contribution. Simply include the Mini-Grant number and the school name in the box asking if your donation is for a specific program or school, and we will do the rest. We also welcome you to join us in awarding the grant in the school. Email us at to make arrangements.

1. Celebrating Dr. Seuss

Educators at Rogers Academy would like for their students to put together presentations for their visitor, Cat in the Hat.  Your support of this grant will allow them to purchase more Dr. Seuss books and the supplies to create dynamic presentations.


2. Creating eBooks for Authentic Audiences

This multi-campus initiative is geared towards closing the reading, writing, and comprehension gaps of at least 191 of our students utilizing new apps that will allow the students to create their own books complete with pictures, drawings, shapes, links and more.

3. MathRack – Abacus

Supporting this grant request will ensure the purchase of abacuses as learning tools that will help 100 Kinder students at Highland Hills ES compose and decompose numbers greater than 10.

4. Leadership Officer Training Corps (L.O.T.C)

The LOTC program at Whittier Middle School is in need of more parade and practice rifles. This program services over 400 students and the rifles are essential to their campus and community events, practices and parades.

5.  Mural Art Response

Hawthorne Academy is requesting supplies for two desired murals. One will be a reflection of their work with the Monarch Heroes Program and the other will be reading themed and inspired by the students.

6. Dramatic Play/ House Revamp!

Carroll Early Childhood is in need of a larger, more inviting living area for their home like play area. This space is a key area where students play and learn communication and social skills.

7. Chime In

Help the Fenwick ES music teacher purchase more instruments for her Tone Chimes class, the most popular class for the 5th graders.  This grant will ensure each student has their own instrument to play.

8. Boy Scouts of America

Travis Early College HS currently has a very active Gamma Sigma Girls Scouts program. Adding a Boys Venturing Program will help boys to build community, gain leadership skills, and foster creative and critical thinking strategies.

9. “Wonder”fully Diverse Excursion

The 5th and 6th grade students at Crockett Academy are reading the book Wonder, which like the movie, combats the evils of bullying. Help these students attend the movie and open up opportunities for critical discussions.

10. Technology in the Class 

 Burbank HS educators wants to add an ELMO interactive document camera to the classroom to create more engaged learners and enhance teacher facilitation.

11. La Prensa de Bonham

This Bonham Academy teacher is requesting funds to start a classroom newspaper where students can report their own news while honing their writing and comprehension skills in dual language.

12. Writing Station

Crockett ES is working to enhance their writing center for 3rd grade students. This grant will bring in new tools for the classroom writing center to include Reading Skills Folder Game and and Instant Learning Center.

13. Math in Motion 

  Help a pre-calculus class at the Advanced Learning Academy with the supplies needed to design and construct two trebuchet machines that will be able to throw the distance of a football field or more and bring math to life.

14. Expanding Student’s Creative Ability

The Sam Houston HS dance instructor is requesting support to attend the Texas Dance Educators Association (TDEA) Conference to hone her skills in technique, literature, pedagogy and technology.

15. Gifted Enrichment with iPads

Adding iPads for as tool for GT students will provide them with the resources needed to work on their research projects presented annually the district-wide GT showcase. 

16. What a Relief, It’s Printmaking

 Lanier HS would like to purchase a printing press for their students. The press would allow them to teach introductory lessons in printmaking and provide a space for critical thinking, communication and creative outlets.

17. Community & Student Painting

 Riverside Park ES’s art teacher is asking for table easels for community painting with students and adults as well as use in art classes for painting and drawing.

18. Boys Reading Club

Lowell MS  is working to engage more male readers through the use of graphic novels. Help her develop a Boys Reading Clubs and impact 60 students.

19. ABC Writing Center

Knox ECEC is hoping to increase literacy, language and cognition, by adding the LeapPad Play system in her classroom. This is an interactive tool to captivate her students and improve their literacy.

20. STEM in the Class

Nelson ECEC educator would like to add a science activity table to increase the STEM presence in her Kinder classroom. With this table, students will be able to experiment and observe STEM focused activities.

21. Lions Heart Mural

Help Ogden ES students create a multi-panel mural. This project will focus on visual communication and artistic skills for painting through guided practice and create space for independent practice and collaborative learning. 

22. Book Series Club

Page MS has a book club within their book club called the “Book Series Club.” This sub-club needs multiple series of books with multiple copies of each. The educator behind this club believes that it will encourage more reading by getting the students hooked on extended story lines. 

23. The Math Learning Studio

A Longfellow MS math educator would like for her students to experience a new learning environment, a learning studio to  increase engagement and enthusiasm within her students.

24. More Ukes, Please!

 Ukuleles are an important piece in the Advanced Learning Academy’s music program. The students use them to create and produce mini musicals and operas. The problem is they are short a few Ukuleles for their students. These funds would be  fix that.

25. Mini Light Table for Science Center

A Head Start educator at Arnold ES is requesting a light table for their science center. She believes it will help the students recognize, describe and and name attributes of shapes. Help this educator give her students a better learning experience.

26. I CHAIR-ish the Thought

A James Madison ES educator is requesting cozy, body conforming chairs with cloth hoods to help her students to get engulfed in books.

27. Sew So Good

 A YWLA art instructor is requesting sewing machines to further her student’s interest and capabilities in the textile and fashion art forms. Be a part of fostering the budding interest in fashion design and textile in YWLA students. 

28. Breaking Out of the Box with Breakout Edu

A James Madison ES educator would like to purchase 3 Breakout EDU boxes for her school. With these boxes teachers are able to breakout of the curriculum and teach more in the style of an escape room, giving their students clues to unlock puzzles. This style of teaching is believed to excite and motivate students. 

29. School to Home Bridge Book Bags

An educator at Herman Hirsch Elementary is seeking the opportunity to provide her first grade students with at-home reading book bags. In these bags, students will be supplied with books they can read on their own and with the help of an adult. The educator believes this initiative will encourage and grow a love for reading.