Remote Mentor

The remote mentor program is a partnership of the SAISD Foundation and the SAISD Office of Postsecondary Initiatives that connects you with our newest alumni to support their persistence to college graduation.  As our students transition from high school into college, we want them to know that support does not end for them once they graduate. As a mentor, you will serve as a positive role model and develop a one-on-one or group relationship with a student(s). Mentors offer support and guidance while emphasizing the value of education. Mentors are asked to have at least one interaction a month with their student(s) by email, phone call, text, or Zoom video conferencing. In person interactions are also encouraged. We ask volunteers to make a two-year commitment to their college mentees.



August 2022 Training Video

Remote Mentor Timeline

Created by the SAISD Foundation office, this timeline will provide you with talking topics, information and action items to help guide you and your mentee as you begin the first year of college together.


College Alumni Advising Office Syllabus

Created by the Office of Postsecondary Initiatives, this document provides you and your mentee with important information including a first-year in college timeline as well as information regarding our college alumni advising program.


First-Gen Centers at Colleges

Most major universities have a First-Gen Center on campus. The linked spreadsheet has an alphabetical list of the centers we know about. If you uncover more, please email us at The First-Gen Center connects first-generation students to resources and supports on campus. They aim to empower first-generation students to successfully navigate their college experience and persist to graduation. Learn more here 


Emergency Gap Funding – Please click here to access the Emergency Gap Funding Application

SAISD graduating seniors enrolling in college as well as currently enrolled college students are eligible to apply for one-time funding to meet a direct need or gap. Funds are used to support those things that can keep our students from being able to follow the plan they have set. From housing deposits, enrollment and orientation fees that are required before their aid/scholarship package kicks in, and all the barriers that can prevent a student from walking in to the first day of college classes or making it to college commencement are in the blue box to your left as well as on the application. Applications from graduating seniors must include the your College Bound Advisor’s signature. Applications from recent alumni must include the College Alumni Advisor’s signature.

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Submit Your Application

Thank you for your interest in connecting with the SAISD Foundation and helping our newest San Antonio ISD alumni persist in their first two years of college and through to graduation. As our students transition from high school into college, we want them to know that support does not end for them once they graduate from high school. SAISD has College Bound Advisors, College Alumni Advisors, Postsecondary Navigators, and the SAISD Foundation to help our students persist through college. We hope, with your help, our students will have a more seamless transition into their postsecondary institution and earn their degree. Click here to submit your application no later than June 27.

Complete Your Background Check

Once notified of selection into the program, we ask that you complete your background check between July 1 – 10.

Step 1: On or after July 1, 2022 Click here to create a profile for new users or log-in for pervious users to App-Garden

Step 2: If you have used App-Garden in the past, you will log in using your email and password. If you forgot your password, you will click on the “Forgot Password” button and follow the directions. 

If this is your first time using App-Garden, you will click on the “New Registration” button to create a profile and register your email. New users will need to verify their email before they are able to log in. If the new user does not receive this email right away, they should check their spam folder.

Step 3: Complete the background check

The applicant must complete all the required fields on the background check application.

Under the Indicate if your volunteer service is affiliated with the following, select SAISD Foundation Remote Mentorship Program.

**Please note that if SAISD Foundation Remote Mentorship Program is not selected, the volunteer application will not be processed.

Step 4: Submit the background check application

Once all fields have been completed, they may submit the application. 

If the applicant successfully clears the background check, the application will be automatically approved within 7 business days. The applicant will be notified with an approval email from AppGarden. School staff with AppGarden access will be able to view approved applicants in the system. A list of school staff with AppGarden access will be provided to each high school principal.

If the background check is flagged, the applicant will receive an email stating that their application is on hold for further review. The application will then be reviewed by the Volunteer Approval and Denial (VAD) Committee. This committee meets on a bi-monthly basis. The applicant will be notified of their approval or denial status via email. This status will also be reflected in AppGarden.


For any questions regarding the status of an applicant or the process, please contact Chris Escobar at or (210) 554-2211.