Mark Twain Lobo Mariachi Fundraiser

 Our Lobo mariachi is one of many orgullos of Mark Twain Dual Language Academy! 

The mariachi program is fulfilling the promise of sociocultural competence, provides students a strong sense of self and community, and allows students to develop oral language in Spanish. Students in grades 4th-8th grade are served through three Mariachi electives or as an after-school extracurricular. 

During the 2022-2023 school year, Twain Lobo Mariachi is projected to have over 30 public performances and serve over 132 students. 

Twain lobo mariachi is currently needing 32 new uniforms to outfit the students that will be publicly performing and competing in Varsity and Junior Varsity. The estimated cost for one uniform is $600. Our goal is to raise the funds to purchase mariachi uniforms for our performances and competitions a total of $20,000. 


To Give Offline: Mail donations by check to SAISD Foundation, 2411 San Pedro, San Antonio, TX 78212 noting Twain DLA Mariachi in the memo

Would you be willing to make an impact for our lobo mariachi?

Can you support the success and growth of our successful Mariachi program?

Twain Lobo Mariachi is grateful for the support and generosity of our community.

More Information

Under the direction of Mariachi Director Mr. José Soliz, Twain Mariachi has experienced success with over 24 performances, and exponential growth in student participation:

School Year Number of Students in Mariachi Program
2020-2021 33
2021-2022 93
2022-2023 132

Our Twain Mariachi program has been financially supported by SAISD’s fine arts department, the SAISD foundation, and the campus budget to address instrument repair needs, contest fees, instruments for every musician, and the purchase of the first set of uniforms.

  Twain mariachi is a high interest activity for our emergent bilingual students and we need the support of the community to address the needs and exponential growth of our mariachi program.